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Even if Alex Transfers name refers to just one person, we are in fact a group of people and not just one (ex taxi managers, controllers, drivers, clients and coders), gathering together and applying our experience to provide an easy to use and spot on service.

We provide a simple way to connect passengers and drivers, at – as we like to think – reasonable prices.

Bla-blaing a customer. We hate that. So many people showing themselves as “best, most, only” reliable service. No. There’s no rocket science about taxi industry. It’s just a private transport service from A to B.

At Alex Transfers, we understand how important is to arrive from A to B safe and on time, so we carefully choose our drivers and take a really good care of them. Because in the end, drivers are the ones running a taxi company. As long they are happy and well paid, the service would be as expected. And that’s what we count on.

Give us a try.