Is the price based per passenger or per vehicle?
All prices displayed on our website are per vehicle which already include the driver and not per passenger.
Are children charged as an adult?
Yes, all children (regardless of age) will take a full space in the vehicle. For example, 2 adults and 2 children will count as 4 passengers.
How do I make a booking?
By email, whatsapp or via our instant online quotation.
Is the price different when placing a booking via phone/email/online?
Yes, prices will be always cheaper when booking online.
What is the luggage allowance?
Each passenger is allowed a one medium bag (up to 20 kg and 28″/70cm long) and one cabin handbag.
What if I don’t have any checked in luggage?
In certain situations, depending on the number of passengers, we might offer you a discount if you are travelling with handbags only. This will be highlighted on the quote page.
Where is my driver waiting in the airport?
The driver will try to get in touch with you to arrange a convenient place to meet you, free of the airport fee. Read more here.
Where is my driver waiting for all other journeys?
The driver will wait in front of the hotel/station or surrounding area, depending on the parking regulations.
Is there any extra charge for waiting?
Please refer to our terms and conditions by clicking here
Can I share the vehicle with someone else?
No. All our transfers are private.
Will i be charged extra if my flight is delayed?
We monitor all flights, so there is no extra charge in case of flight delays.
Are your drivers fully licensed?
Yes, all our drivers are fully licensed.
Can I make any changes to my booking?
Yes, send us an email or Whatsapp and we will happily do that for you.
How do I find my flight number?
Your flight number will be displayed on your boarding tickets or on your booking flight confirmation. It usualy starts with BA, FR, EZY, U2, ZB etc followed by 3-4 numbers.